Planning for the next month (or two) The Diocese has distributed a Phase-in chart (file attached), outlining the conditions for re-opening at each phase.  Parish Council met last week to discuss possible options.   We are presently in Phase 1. (Online services only) Questions and concerns were raised at the meeting about Parishioners who are unable to participate in online services.   The Diocesan document states that churches may go to Phase 2 after June 14, after submitting a plan to the diocese for approval, which would allow a limited number of people to attend a service at the church. (The maximum number our church could hold is 35 people.)   We will continue with online services, until the end of June, alternating between Morning Prayer and the Communion service. At their June 18th meeting, Parish Council would re-assess to determine if we should proceed to Phase 2.  

During Phase 2, the conditions that the Diocese has imposed on parishioners who wish to attend a service in the church include the following….   People attending a church service:

a) must enter and leave the church keeping physical distancing.

b) must keep the same physical distancing in the church.  (close family members could sit together)

c)  must wear a non-surgical mask for the entire service while inside the church.

d) must not sing or share the peace.

e)  must not receive communion.

f)  must not use the bathroom.

If you would like to participate in our online zoom services please send your email address to