The synod Office has approved our application to hold in-church services which will run simultaneously with our online Zoom service.  The First service will take place on Sunday, July 19.

The following conditions apply.

a)Parishioners attending the service must practice physical distancing when arriving, while in the church, and when leaving the church.

b)Attendees would be required to sit in specially marked seating spots. A couple can sit together and a single person may sit with one friend who is presently in their 'bubble'.

c) No singing is permitted at the service.  (Hymns will be pre-recorded and played over the speaker system).

d) The Host will not be distributed at the Communion service.

e)Masks for all attendees are recommended, unless a person has a valid reason for not being able to wear a mask,  Paper masks will be available at the church, or you may bring your own cloth mask. 


Parishioners wishing to attend must pre-register by phoning the church office.

Please phone Janet at the church office, 604 483-4230, preferably between 8:30 - noon, next Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

When you phone, please indicate if you will be attending alone, as a couple, or with a friend.  Please be aware that the maximum number who can attend a service is limited to 35 persons.